Monday, 8 May 2017

Free Comic Book Day - Get Your FREE Dark Pond Creations Comic Book Here!

Article By
Patrick Scattergood

Hey there Dark Ponders.

Hope you have all had a fantastic Free Comic Book Day and an exciting weekend.  You may have seen over on our Sellfy Store that we have been offering one of our comics for free and it has proven so popular that we have extended the offer until Friday the 12th of May!

Our Free Comic Book Day offering this year is the third (and newest) addition to the award winning anthology series Flesh Tones.

Flesh Tones 3 - Includes...

The Tunnel
Written By Patrick Scattergood / Illustrated By Ahlam Albaiti

When a man with a sordid past is lured to a tunnel with the promise of sex and depravity, he soon finds all is not what it appears to be and that this may be the punishment that he has been running from all his life.

The Passage of Time
Written By Patrick Scattergood / Illustrated By Kate Beaumont

An elderly woman is spending her last days in a nursing home looking back on her life and her regrets.

Written By Patrick Scattergood / Illustrated By Carlos Moreno

A convicted child killer is released from prison early.  A father on the brink of madness.  Sometimes, violence is unavoidable but what aftermath will remain once the dust has settled and will it be worth it?

All are stories featuring the pain of loss but all told from three very different points of view.  One from the point of view of the guilt of a child killer playing tricks on his mind, one from an elderly lady in a nursing home and another from the point of view of the father of a murder victim.  I loved how they all had the same theme story wise but all were completely different and will (hopefully) invoke all different emotions from the reader.

Hope you love the offering guys, girls and ghouls.

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