Friday, 21 April 2017

The Coyote of Antelope Peak - New Dark Pond Creations Announcement

By Patrick Scattergood

Antelope Peak has always been a quiet, friendly town.  The locals all know one another and the law is upheld with little more than a stern word.  In fact, crime is near non-existent in the town.

Suddenly, the coyotes that roam freely in the forests around the town start to act strangely and violently, with a boldness that nobody has seen before.

That's when the increasingly brutal murders begin, with each one more ferocious than the last.  With little to no evidence to go on and the understaffed police department at a loss, how many more deaths will rattle the town before an answer is found?

Written by newcomer Golda Evans, read her roster profile here, and illustrated by Dark Pond Creations co-founder Patrick Scattergood, The Coyote of Antelope Peak, promises to mix vibes from The X-Files and Twin Peaks with a sharp and incisive look in to the small town mentality with bloody results.

Coming soon from Dark Pond Creations!

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