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Dark Pond Creations Roster Introduction - Golda Evans

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Golda Evans
Hello Dark Ponders, fellow comic enthusiasts and story-lovers. My name is Golda Evans and I'm one of the writers for the DPC team. I thought I'd give a wee update on what I'm working on and also use the opportunity to say hello and introduce myself. At the moment there's two projects I've worked on sitting with artists (The Coyote of Antelope Peak and Time to Burn), I'm working on writing a third and there's a bunch of ideas rattling about my head, some of which I'm excited to try and make something of and see what you guys think.
Talking of being excited, I'm looking forward to The Coyote of Antelope Peak and Time to Burn being released and hearing what you folks think. DPC have a lot of wicked stuff in the works and will be appearing at various cons throughout the year, so keep an eye out for some new comics and come over to the table for a natter or pop us a message on our Facebook page.

So, The Coyote of Antelope Peak and Time to Burn, what are they all about? 

Coyote is a mini series following a Sheriff and her Deputy in the small town of Antelope Peak. The town is nestled in the forest, completely off the map sort of style, so there's a real claustrophobic  and intense element and pace to the story alongside the seemingly idyllic setting. One night there's a brutal murder and Antelope Peak becomes the last place anyone wants to be.

Time to Burn  is a collaboration between DPC co-founder Pat Scattergood and myself. Pat wrote the first half and pitched the idea of where he wanted the story to go to me and kindly not only trusted me but let me loose on the second half. I'm particularly excited about this one because I just love the whole idea of the story. Time to Burn is a science fiction horror story that follows a man's descent into madness as he travels back in time, striving to change and prevent the horrific events that have come to pass in his current time line.

I won't say too much about the third story I'm working on just now as it's very much still in the planning stages. What I will say though is that Pat gave me a cracking one line prompt for it, which has given me a lot of inspiration and there's a lot of completely different directions I can take the story, which I'm really excited about but then I've also got to pick what path I want to go down and I've got to get my decisive hat on for that (I'm actually way more decisive than I let on). If I can pull it off, I think you guys will really enjoy it, so please check back in the near future and thanks for bearing with me whilst I put pen to paper (literally..that is actually how I work, pen to paper first and then fingers to keyboard. Actually, think erratic notes all over the place and on various pieces of paper to begin with and then all laid out and you've got an image of how my and I brain work).

So that's what I'm working on at the moment folks. I hope there's wicked things brewing and I  can't wait to share them all with you :D.

Besides being asked what I write and what I write about, I'm usually asked why do I write and what inspires me to write? The answer is easy: I love stories. I love stories of any kind: written, spoken, sung, drawn, acted, painted, danced, strummed. I just love stories. I love listening to and reading other people's stories, I love sharing stories with other people. I love seeing that gleam people get in their eyes when they're telling a story and it's gotten a complete hold of them and seeing that excitement when someone has an idea and they're just so eager to share it and write about it and draw it. I love the passion and the rawness of emotions that can pour out of a story and out of a drawing. I love seeing people fired up and impassioned because of stories. I love the honesty and the starkness. I love the complete and utter fantasy of a story. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love the happiness and the feel-good factor as well as the understanding, the comfort, the pain relief and the escapism stories can bring.

Admittedly I've always been more of a reader and a listener than I have a writer but I've always found them both extremely cathartic. Why do comics, though? Easy. Because it brings together two of the things I love most: words and illustrations. Now you're probably thinking what sort of answer is that? What a right plonker (and actually you would be right, self-confessed plonker here ;)) but as basic and stupidly obvious as it sounds, it's my honest answer. The second reason is how much comics in particular mean to me. For a long time I have struggled with my mental health and I always find it very hard to talk about. Not because I'm ashamed of my mental afflictions - I refuse to be ashamed by anything like that, for myself or others, but because I really struggle with expressing myself orally. However, there's a comfort and a release for me in being able to express myself through writing. That is where I know how to express myself and reading comics is one of the few things that has stirred any sort of emotional response in me during my bouts of depression.

So there we have it, what I'm writing and why I'm writing. I'd love to hear why you guys love to write  and what inspires you guys or what other vices you have.

Take care of yourselves and have fun and remember to be kind to yourself as well as others.

Golda x
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