Monday, 27 March 2017

A Geeky Mind Convention Announcement

Article By
Patrick Scattergood

Hi Dark Ponders, hope all of you lovely folks reading this are in high spirits and happy moods.  We have an announcement to make and it's a cracker!

After a lot of discussion between the various members of the Dark Pond team, we have decided to put on a charity convention in order to raise money for a charity very close to all of our hearts.  It's a mental health charity called MIND and it does some very important work but is sadly not as well funded as it should be, which considering the mental health crisis is shocking in itself.

We will be holding the event on August 12th from 9.30 to 3.30 at Hansom Hall, Leicester and will be having a great many artists, guests and vendors there to keep your geeky little minds happy.

We will also be fund raising on the day too with our costumed collectors coming around to have their pictures taken and your change raided so dig deep and help a very worthwhile cause!

Also, to help with the fundraising, each digital copy of the award winning Flesh Tones 2 sold will be added to the total raised for MIND.

Hope to see you there guys and girls!

Why not check out the event page for the A Geeky Mind - Charity Convention too?  We'll be making some announcements about who will be appearing there shortly so keep your eyes peeled folks.

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