Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Party: Out Now!

We here at Dark Pond Creations love to try to put out as many new stories as we possibly can for the people that enjoy reading our work.

It's no different with one of our newest releases in the shape of The Party, written by Steven Deighan and illustrated by Kate Evans.

The Party tells the story of an unpopular boy at college deciding that he was going to throw a party while his parents were away.  Simple right?  Well, yes but as with most things, it really doesn't go according to plan, especially when the most popular girl there turns up but is there more to her than just a lot of friends and a pretty face.

Deighan's writing really takes what could be an otherwise cliche ridden story and turns it on it's head.  One of the things that struck us the most about the writing is that it had a retro 80's horror vibe to it which, considering I grew up watching movies from that era, really drew me to the comic.  Another thing that I liked was the simple fact that the print version not only comes in 3D, it also comes with some retro style glasses too.  That simple fact really took me back to when I was wearing those cardboard style glasses growing up and watching horror icons like Jason going about their horrific business while blood, guts and entrails hurtled towards the screen!

Not only will The Party be available at our convention appearances but you can also get it from our online shops at the following links.  The print version comes with 3D glasses and the digital version is released in normal 2D.

The Party (2D Digital Version) is available from here and is on a Pay What You Want deal.

The Party (3D Print Version) is available from here for £3 plus p&p. 

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