Friday, 20 January 2017

Flesh Tones 2: Award Winner!

As you all remember, when we released the first installment of our anthology series Flesh Tones, the digital copy of which can be found here, we were kindly nominated for best comic at the 2014/2015 British Comic Awards.  Much to our surprise, we managed to make the long list.  As a team, we were not only very proud of our first ever release but also proud that people liked it enough to nominate it.

Fast forward to now and Flesh Tones 2 has been released to some very kind reviews.  One of which was a stellar review from the reviewer Vixen Ninetails from the ComicBuzz website.  She gave us our first ever ten out of ten review, which can be found here.

I was very proud of the score and so pleased for the people that had worked so hard on the issue too.  Katy Anne had created a wonderful story in the form of Crimson Dusk, Stephane Cote had really brought the story Always Follow Your Heart to live and Luke Cooper drew some of the best art that I've seen him do for the deeply personal story The Black Dog at Night.

Imagine our surprise when we heard from the site again, only this time to say that not only were we included in the Best Comics of 2016 category but we had also won!  Each reviewer had chosen their best releases of the year and Vixen Ninetails had chosen Flesh Tones 2 as her best comic of 2016 so congratulations to all the team!

You can read her best of 2016 picks here.

Here's to many more awards where that one came from!

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