Thursday, 13 October 2016

Morbid Detection Sneak Peek

Dark Pond Creations are perhaps best known for the apocalyptic ongoing series The Meek and the double award nominated anthology series Flesh Tones, both available in digital form and print form, but we are about to reveal our new mini series.

Morbid Detection.

Telling the story of a detective falling to his personal demons and his mental health declining, this is a mini series that will delve in to the struggles of the fragility of a mans mental health in the face of horrific events happening all around him.  With violent murders rocking the city and the police no closer to finding the killer, David Fredericks and his partner follow the trails of clues only for it to lead them to tragedy that drags Fredericks down in to a world of mental demons and insanity.

The mini series will be written by Patrick Scattergood, The Meek and Flesh Tones, and illustrated by Stephane Cote, Fantasmagoria: Volume One.

The series will also introduce the character of Tink.  A man that is not only obsessed with the occult but also a deeply scientific mind.  He will be a recurring character not only for this series but also some more of the Dark Pond Creations releases as well.

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