Thursday, 1 September 2016

Kate Beaumont Joins the Dark Pond Creations Team

Dark Pond Creations are pleased to announce that we have a new and wonderfully talented indie comic book creator that has joined our team by the name of Kate Beaumont.

Perhaps best known for the darkly comic and interesting book Respectable, and it's prequel Rockabilly under the banner of Cosmic Mind Comics, Beaumont is joining the team as part of our expansion in to creating books for other genres.

Kate's work has an eye catching and subtle flow to it as well as having a string of humour running through the stories themselves.

Some of you will be seeing Kate's work in the British Showcase Anthology being put out by Markosia after teaming up with Dark Pond Creations Co-Founder Patrick Scattergood for a story called The Passage of Time, in which an elderly lady in a nursing home remembers her younger years.  The story itself was a big departure for Scattergood, perhaps best known for the horror series The Meek, but has helped to foster a working relationship that will help create a lot more stories in that style.

Please be wonderful Dark Ponders and welcome her to the team by giving Kate's page a like and Twitter a follow.



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