Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Stephane Cote Brings Fantasmagoria to the Montreal Comic Con!

Hello Dark Ponders.

Yes you have seen correctly.  I'm updating the blog for the third time this month but this update is an absolute belter!

For you lovely American and Canadian Dark Pond Creations fans, we have a treat in store for you.  The amazingly talented Stephane Cote is invading the Montreal Comic Con and he is bringing the massively unique graphic novel Fantasmagoria with him!

Discover the world of Fantasmagoria! Meet the author and take a selfie with giant Jezebel. Graphic novel, prints and t-shirts available for purchase at exclusive prices during CC weekend only! 

With such a unique talent, it would be a mistake to miss out on such a fantastic chance to not only meet Cote himself but to see some more of his work too.

Fantasmagoria is also available in French!

See you there! 


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