Thursday, 30 June 2016

Small Press Day Shenanigans

Hello there Dark Ponders,

It's been a while since we've updated the blog so I figured it was way past time to put pen to paper, so to speak.  Well, in this case, fingers to keyboard.

There's a little over a week to the 2016 Small Press Day being held at comic shops around the country and each and every one of them is stocked full of indie and small press talents making appearances and signings.  Well, I was incredibly honored to be asked to represent Dark Pond Creations at the event being held at the Leicester branch of Forbidden Planet.

I have to admit that I am massively nervous about this appearance, maybe even more so than the appearance I made at the Leicester Comic Con recently.  This is a shop where the employees know both myself and my son by name so I really want it to go as well as possible and, on a bit of a selfish point of view, I want a lot of people to see the stellar work that myself and the Dark Pond time have been putting out recently.

I'll be bringing with me issue one of The Meek, as well as issue two, and issue one of our anthology series called Flesh Tones.  Sadly, we won't be able to bring issue two of Flesh Tones due to some unforeseen circumstances but it's available from our online Sellfy store at the moment and we'll keep you all updated as to when it will be released in print form.

I'm hoping to also bring some of our stellar prints too from the various members of our art team such as Carlos Moreno and Paul Kemble, the latter of whom is making an appearance at the event as well.

We've set up an event over on our Facebook page so we'll keep that up to date as the event gets closer.

In other news, we have also set out up a stand alone twitter page for Dark Pond Creations that will be manned by the various members of the team so type in @DarkPondC in to your Twitter and give us a follow to see news and exclusive art previews too!

Be kind, be creative and be brave!

Dark Pond Pat

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