Monday, 6 June 2016

Flesh Tones: Issue Two is Now Out in Digital Form!

Hello Dark Ponders,

We are pleased to announce that the second issue of our award nominated anthology series has now been released in digital form with a print release soon to be announced.

In this installment of the anthology series, we have three wildly different types of stories.  All three are not only different in the style of story that they are but also in art style as well so let's take a look shall we?

Crimson Dusk
Written and illustrated by Katy Anne

A small town awakens to find it is Halloween night.  Decorations.  Costumes.  Trick and treaters are all out as far as the eye can see so a young girl going for a walk during the festivities should be normal, shouldn't it?  With the macabre, spooky feeling in the air only time will tell.

Always Follow Your Heart
Written By Patrick Scattergood
Illustrated By Stephane Cote

After the ending of a party held by a wealthy friend, a woman decides to walk home instead of using her driver.  A lovely night, a bustling city but with most things, the night can bring out the worst in people.  So when a mugger decides that she will be his next victim, little does he know that he has certainly bitten off more  than he can chew.
The Black Dog in the Night
Written By Patrick Scattergood
Illustrated By Luke Cooper

A personal and haunting story told from the point of view of a man that has lost it all.  No lover, no family, no friends and no hope.  Slowly he spirials in to a dark spin of depression and dark thoughts but will he make it through the night? 

As a team, Dark Pond Creations are incredibly proud of all three stories.  Crimson Dusk is a superb debut for Katy Anne, a newcomer to the comic book world.  We reached out to her after seeing a link to some of her art on Twitter.  The spooky and foreboding atmosphere of the story really shows a superb understanding of pacing and using art to create an impact for the read so, personally, I can't wait to work with her on another project.

Always Follow Your Heart is a darkly comic story that was illustrated by Stephane Cote, the author and illustrator of the superb Fantasmagoria.  I've always been a very big fan of his rather unique art style and for me, as the writer, felt that his art was absolutely perfect for the classic feel of the story.

Finally, The Black Dog in the Night, is a story that is intensely personal to me.  It tells the story of a very dark moment in my life when I felt that I had nothing to live for or felt like I was worthless to everyone around me.  When Luke Cooper, the creator of Hollow Girl, stepped forward to illustrate it, I couldn't have been happier.  His art is stunning and heart breaking in equal measure.

Well, I hope you like the previews of the comic that we are extremely proud of.  It's available in digital form from the following links.  It will be available in print form soon so keep your eyes peeled for future announcements.

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