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Blog Entry 2 - 5 - 2016 - Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra Update

A Dark Pond Creations Blog Entry By
Patrick Scattergood

Hello Dark Ponders.  As it has been a couple of weeks since our last update, and we've been receiving a lot of questions about one of our newest titles, I figured it was time to unleash a bit of information about a title that the Dark Pond team are very proud of.

As you know, with the upcoming release of our Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra one shot, we're treading in to some different territory as a publisher.  You probably know us from our horror and psychological titles such as The Meek and Flesh Tones but this one will be taking us in a different direction entirely.

Before we get in to that however, let's throw some spotlight on just how the project has come together shall we?  As with all stories, it will started with an idea.  The actor, Bill Oberst Jr., emailed me with an idea about setting a story in a circus like atmosphere.  During a bit of back and forth, the seedlings of an idea formed and he was kind enough to let me run with it.
Instead of just putting out a stereotypical slasher / horror style story set in the world of a freak show / circus, we decided to tell the tragic story of one of the performers.  In this case, we chose Cassandra the Bearded Lady.  After her tragic demise at the hands of a preacher perverting the words of his God, the idea is that the ideas set forth clash with the religious ideas of the man running the circus, himself a man that believes in God but takes a completely different viewpoint.  That's when the need for revenge for the death of Cassandra rears up but he has to decide whether to give in to the urge for vengeance or to keep his belief.

Talking from a writing viewpoint, it was fantastic as a writer to brainstorm ideas with someone like Mr Oberst Jr., a hardworking actor that has a brilliant mind for the macabre.  I feel that really helped me to bring the story to life in a way that I might not have been able to have done before.

With the story written and given the OK from Mr Oberst Jr., some would think that is where the search for an artist would be part of this story but there really was no choice for me as to who would draw such a story.  My first, and only, choice was my cohort from The Meek, Carlos Moreno.  With some of the art he has been producing for that title, there really was nobody else that I would have wanted to work with on it.

Rounding out the team would be a letterer and to me, that is one of the most important parts of a comic book release.  A great book can be sunk by bad lettering choices in much the way as a mediocre one can be raised to a higher level by a talented letterer.  We were going to do the lettering ourselves, as I happen to think I've got a handle on that side of things, but we wanted something a little different.  A letterer that can give it a subtle yet creepy edge while staying true to the feel and atmosphere of the story.  That's why when we had the chance to bring the highly talented Robin Jones, from Madius Comics, on board that we jumped at the idea.  His stellar work really brings the story to life and makes the highly detailed art from Moreno really leap off of the page.

All in all, this is a project that we are all very proud of being a part of and are very excited to get out there in to the big bad comic book world so keep checking the blog and our Facebook page for updates on both Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra and our other titles that we will be releasing throughout 2016.

Thank you, stay safe, be always creative and let the Dark Pond flow!

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