Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Stephane Cote Joins the Dark Pond Creations Team

Dark Pond Creations are proud to announce that we have a new artist joining our team.

You may have noticed at recent conventions, there has been a rather unique graphic novel entitled Fantasmagoria on our tables alongside the Dark Pond Creations comics and prints.  This graphic novel was written and drawn by the superbly talented Canadian artist named Stephane Cote.

Well, we're incredibly pleased to announce that Cote will be bringing his very eye catching style to some of the future Dark Pond Creations releases.

His first appearance will be in the second issue of our anthology comic book series called Flesh Tones with the story Always Follow Your Heart, which is a short horror story written by Patrick Scattergood and has a very darkly comedic slant running through it as well.  Both Scattergood and fellow co-founder Carlos Moreno felt that Cote's art would be absolutely perfect for this tale.

As well as being involved in the anthology series, Stephane Cote has kindly taken on the art duties for the detective mini-series Morbid Detection.  Written by Scattergood, this mini-series takes a look at the stereotypical detective genre but in a different way.  After arriving too late to save someone close to him, the main character retreats in to alcoholism and eventually in to insanity.  With the growing insanity enveloping him, he begins to see each person he meets in increasingly demonic views.

Our hope with the mini series is to not only create an exciting and twist filled story but also to take a look at grief and mental illness in a way that will do such an important subject justice.

Keep your eyes peeled here on the blog for news of the release and also take a look on our Facebook page for art samples and competitions.

Fantasmagoria is not only available from the Dark Pond Creations Art and Print link below but also available from Cote's shop as well.

Always be creative Dark Ponders!

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