Friday, 8 April 2016

Dark Pond Creations are now on Comichaus!

Hello Dark Ponders,

Pat here with some great news for those of you that want to grab our titles in print form but haven't managed to catch us at the conventions we have been doing.

As well as being available worldwide through our Dark Pond Creations Etsy Store, we are now also available from a relatively new site called Comichaus.

So far we have the first issues of both The Meek and of the anthology series Flesh Tones up there as well as the superbly unique graphic novel Fantasmagoria: Volume One by fellow Dark Pond Creations member Stephane Cote.

We're always looking for new ways to bring our titles to our fans, both old and new, so teaming up with Comichaus wasn't just a logical choice, it was a very good one.

You can find our titles on there using the following link.

Stay safe Dark Ponders.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Blog Entry 5-4-16 - Inside the Mind of Carlos Moreno

A Dark Pond Creations Blog Entry By
Carlos Moreno

Hello all, I'm Carlos Moreno (Carlito De'Maria), the Co-Founder of Dark Pond Creations. I'm the Co-creator and artist on The Meek series, the upcoming Strange World anthology series and artist of Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra, written by Patrick Scattergood.

When we started this venture I was a pin-up, concept and design artist looking to take the next step with not only with my art but also with my life. At the time I hated my job, I hated where I lived, I hated nearly every single thing, everything except my wife. The world would disappear when we were together, I would show her all these silly little doodles, tell her all these odd little stories and she love it and me for just being me. We fully support each other in everything, she saw how beaten I was at the time and encouraged me to take this step, to do what I love, to be me..... that's only a part of how amazing she is.

 After a year of BS, not rejections just plan BS, I met Patrick Scattergood. We connected instantly, still to this day it's like a geek version of fight club but without the hot guys and fighting and explosions. We started doing what were love, telling stories and after a bit Dark Pond Creation was born. Two old kids that dig the dark stuff and live across the pond from each other that live to tell stories.

Now I'm doing amazing work with amazingly talented people. Patrick and I are doing a few projects together. The Meek was a concept and story-line I brought to Pat, I had a four page sample and a story outline that was both gory and rough. Together we took this and shaped it into a series that's worth picking up....especially issue 3.... soon.... hint, hint.

Freak Show is Patrick's baby and is an incredible tale of murder with a great cast of characters and I have been working extra hard to make it fit his vision. I'm also working with the talented Jeff Strange on the upcoming Strange World anthology series, this series will focus more on the action/super hero genre of comics. This project began when Jeff Strange brought a group of characters to me to play around with which turned into us reinventing and creating some great story-lines. This series will feature a story I will be writing and drawing called Micheal, which is about a super hero tired of the super hero cliche, he's absolutely jaded but still one of the good guys. Also featured in this series is a story created by me, written by Jason Jimenez with art by Timothy St Ctr called "Within the Shadows". A story about a young lady who is more than what she seems, a lot more. The Strange World series will not only feature works by Jeff and Myself but it will also showcase other talent and creative teams such as Matthew Gilliam, creator of The Jersey Wind, an absolutely insane story about a super hero many people won't want to be saved by. There is so much more but a lady never gives it all away on the first date.

This is the beginning of an amazing ride just remember nothing great is done alone. I would like to thank everyone.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Stephane Cote Joins the Dark Pond Creations Team

Dark Pond Creations are proud to announce that we have a new artist joining our team.

You may have noticed at recent conventions, there has been a rather unique graphic novel entitled Fantasmagoria on our tables alongside the Dark Pond Creations comics and prints.  This graphic novel was written and drawn by the superbly talented Canadian artist named Stephane Cote.

Well, we're incredibly pleased to announce that Cote will be bringing his very eye catching style to some of the future Dark Pond Creations releases.

His first appearance will be in the second issue of our anthology comic book series called Flesh Tones with the story Always Follow Your Heart, which is a short horror story written by Patrick Scattergood and has a very darkly comedic slant running through it as well.  Both Scattergood and fellow co-founder Carlos Moreno felt that Cote's art would be absolutely perfect for this tale.

As well as being involved in the anthology series, Stephane Cote has kindly taken on the art duties for the detective mini-series Morbid Detection.  Written by Scattergood, this mini-series takes a look at the stereotypical detective genre but in a different way.  After arriving too late to save someone close to him, the main character retreats in to alcoholism and eventually in to insanity.  With the growing insanity enveloping him, he begins to see each person he meets in increasingly demonic views.

Our hope with the mini series is to not only create an exciting and twist filled story but also to take a look at grief and mental illness in a way that will do such an important subject justice.

Keep your eyes peeled here on the blog for news of the release and also take a look on our Facebook page for art samples and competitions.

Fantasmagoria is not only available from the Dark Pond Creations Art and Print link below but also available from Cote's shop as well.

Always be creative Dark Ponders!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Meek: Issues 1 and 2 News

I figured now would be a great time to show you Dark Ponders just what we here at Dark Pond Creations have been up to recently.

One of the first titles we released as an indie comic book collective was our ongoing series The Meek.  Created and illustrated by the massively talented Carlos Moreno, who is also the co-founder of Dark Pond Creations, and written by Patrick Scattergood.  In itself, the first issue received some brilliant reviews and really helped to put us on the map so to speak and we are all incredibly proud of how well it looked and how popular it was with our fans.
However, I've always thought that it looked a little rushed because of my lack of confidence lettering wise.  Carlos' art was spot on and really told the story well but I felt, with the super power of hindsight, that the lettering really let it down.  That's when I decided that, thanks to my much higher level of experience and confidence, I would give both issues a bit of a freshen up.

With new lettering, a bit of editing and a freshened up art work, we're think that the first two issues of our series The Meek is even better than before!

Hope you enjoy these art samples of the new pages and why not check out the newly updated issues at our special price to get you ready for issue three?

See you soon Dark Ponders

Pat Scattergood