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Blog Entry 19-3-16 - Dark Pond Creations Hits the Atomicon 2016 Convention

A Dark Pond Creations Blog Entry By
Patrick Scattergood

Conventions.  We've all been to them, both as vendors and as fans and the Dark Pond Creations crew are no different.  Last year we had a very good first year of conventions and we wanted to keep that momentum going so when our first convention of the year popped up, we were excited.

Atomicon 2016, as our first of the year, contained many other firsts as well.  We were invited there as a guest exhibitor and I was also invited there as a guest talker too.  Now anyone that knows me would know that is a massively terrifying thing for someone as anxious as myself but the team behind the convention couldn't have been more patient and more helpful if they tried.

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One of the things that really helped me to enjoy the convention, which ended up being our most successful to date, was not only the sheer array of cosplayers but also the fact that the other exhibitors all banded together to help each other out.  We all directed the public to each others tables and more.  You don't really get that at a lot of conventions these days but Atomicon really felt like the exhibitors were a family or a group of friends that had all banded together to give the buyers a great day and that's exactly what we all ended up with.

We debuted quite a few new prints at Atomicon too.  We debuted some prints from our forthcoming Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra one shot story, some prints based on our series The Meek and even some prints drawn by myself.  They all went down an absolute storm so expect some more at the next convention folks!

We also had the pleasure of debuting the graphic novel Fantasmagoria, by an artist we're working with named Stephane Cote, and to say it was popular is a bit of an understatement.  Each copy sold came with an exclusive Cote print too so the people that bought it went home very happy.

However, my favourite part of the day was giving the talk.  To say that I was nervous wouldn't even begin to cover how I was feeling when I was told it was time to go do it.  I ended up talking to a good number of people that seemed very receptive to our titles and was even asked some absolutely fantastic questions.  After the talk, a good number of the people that had sat inside listening came out to buy some of the titles that I spoke about so I can't have been that boring.

All in all, this was a fantastic first convention for Dark Pond Creations so it's set a very high standard for the next ones that we are going to be appearing at.  I'd be incredibly remiss if I didn't mention the absolutely brilliant team behind the convention too.  It was incredibly well organised and no matter what question we had, there was always someone with the answer.  I also have to mention the amazing members of the Geek Asylum that came as well.  Not only did they make it bright, colourful and energetic but they also spent lots of time with my little son Cyrus and that made his day.

Roll on Atomicon 2017!

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