Thursday, 17 November 2016

Morbid Detection and the Tide of Homophobia

Article By
Patrick Scattergood

Hello Dark Ponders,

I just thought, with our newest title Morbid Detection: Part One now being available digitally from here, that I would take a few moments to talk about both the comic itself and also some of the problems that have arisen from that too.

We'll start with the downside of it all.

With the announcement of the release of the comic itself, we were expecting to get a little bit of a backlash as it is a very different (in style) release to the ones that we are perhaps best known for.  While The Meek and Flesh Tones are best known for being dark, stark and slightly disturbing, Morbid Detection: Part One is the complete opposite art wise.  The story starts off with bright art and then slowly gets darker as the story progresses.  I love that approach with the art because it's almost as if it lures you in with a bit of a false sense of security.

However, that's not the thing that we have found to have been the problem.  A lot of the backlash has been circling around our two main characters of David Fredericks and Jensen.  Two Detection Specialists, as Fredericks calls them, who are looking in to a brutal series of murders in the city of Charn.  They are also a same sex married couple.  This appears to have angered quite a few people and has lead to a long series of abusive and offensive trolling comments from a series of people.  The thing is, it's not only been on the page but also to my personal Facebook page as well.

The thing that really bugs me have been some of the comments saying that there would never be such a character in real life as if the fact that someone is in a gay relationship would stop them from being a detective.  Personally I thought we were in 2016 not the 1940's but there we are.  Some of the messages have even said that we, here at Dark Pond Creations, are pushing some sort of 'gay agenda' on our readers.  Personally, I don't think there is such a thing.  I take great pride in writing characters that are realistic and could / should exist in the real world and that is the case here.  We have also done it in a subtle way too, with a photograph of them together here and a comment there as I don't believe that a persons religion, sexuality, gender etc should be a defining thing about their character.  It should be the personality and whether or not that person can be related to, which I hope I have managed here.

I suppose the thing that I am pointing out here is that all of us here at Dark Pond Creations firmly believe in equality of all kinds and we will continue to include that in our work.  We want our stories to be as varied as possible and for us to have as many different characters as possible, just like in the real world.  Everybody is different in their own unique way and long may that continue.

One of the things that I am most proud of with Morbid Detection, is the way myself and Stephane have collaborated.  He just got the themes and the moments that I had tried to get in to my writing and his art really brought that to life.  Another thing that I like about the art is that he is able to work in any kind of style that is needed and can be either as 'in your face' or as subtle as the story asks for without either side clashing with one another.  You may know him best for his superb graphic novel Fantasmagoria: Volume One, that you will have either seen online or on our table at the conventions we've appeared at.

All in all, despite the homophobic backlash, there will be a part two of Morbid Detection and that we hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing and illustrating it.

Sorry for such a long post but we hope that these words find you all in high spirits and good times.

So, for now, I leave you with some very kind and wise words from my fellow creator, Stephane Cote.

"When Patrick Scattergood first sent me the script last year, it was not until the 2nd read that I realized Jensen and Fredricks were two men. Perhaps because I happen to be gay, I didn't even figure that was possible because I am just used to seeing heterosexual couples featured. When I finally realized they were two men, it completely warmed my heart and I felt even more connected to the story. I also felt that it was a pretty ballsy move from Pat's perspective. As an author and artist, I have always felt that my story matters, that my perspective matters, especially in 2016. More than ever, it needs to be ok to tell stories that represent all types of people, lives and loves. Unfortunately, there will always be those who have small minds and loud voices."
Be safe, be kind, be creative.

If you like Stephane Cote's Art then check out his web site here.

Morbid Detection: Part One is available digitally from here.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Morbid Detection: Part One is Now Available!

Hello Dark Ponders,

The new release from the Dark Pond Creations team is now live and available in digital form from our Sellfy store!

Written By
Patrick Scattergood

Illustrated By
Stephane Cote


David Fredericks is a detective roaming the streets of the lawless and corrupt Charn City.  When the city is rocked by a series of brutal murders so inhumane that it shocks even the most jaded inhabitant, Fredericks throws himself in to the investigation.

Just how much will the beginning of the investigation take out of him and his failing mental health as the city grows more apathetic and violent around? 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Nottingham Comic Convention Table Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce where our table at the Nottingham Comic Convention is.

We will be exhibiting on the lower level at the Nottingham Conference Centre at table L80.  Joining me at the table will be my wife Ashley Scattergood (from Let's Have the Stars), who will be selling her children's book Monster & Me (which is also available from the Let's Have the Stars Etsy Shop) so come on and grab yourself some wonderfully whimsical and heartfelt art from her or some stellar, award nominated horror comics from Dark Pond Creations.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Morbid Detection Sneak Peek

Dark Pond Creations are perhaps best known for the apocalyptic ongoing series The Meek and the double award nominated anthology series Flesh Tones, both available in digital form and print form, but we are about to reveal our new mini series.

Morbid Detection.

Telling the story of a detective falling to his personal demons and his mental health declining, this is a mini series that will delve in to the struggles of the fragility of a mans mental health in the face of horrific events happening all around him.  With violent murders rocking the city and the police no closer to finding the killer, David Fredericks and his partner follow the trails of clues only for it to lead them to tragedy that drags Fredericks down in to a world of mental demons and insanity.

The mini series will be written by Patrick Scattergood, The Meek and Flesh Tones, and illustrated by Stephane Cote, Fantasmagoria: Volume One.

The series will also introduce the character of Tink.  A man that is not only obsessed with the occult but also a deeply scientific mind.  He will be a recurring character not only for this series but also some more of the Dark Pond Creations releases as well.

Dark Pond Creations Invade the Nottingham Comic Convention Again!

The Dark Pond Creations team are proud to announce that, for the third year running, are appearing at the Nottingham Comic Convention.

This year we will be bringing Flesh Tones Issue 1 and 2 with us as well as the first two issues of The Meek but, as a surprise, we'll be being joined by the creator of 'Monster & Me' in the shape of Ashley Scattergood.

You can check out her work either on her Facebook Page and her Etsy Page.

Also check out the Dark Pond Creations Etsy Page

For more news and updates on our appearance at the convention, join our Event Page

Friday, 2 September 2016

Dark Pond Creations Invades the Nightmare Convention

Dark Pond Creations is proud to announce that we are set to appear at the Nightmare convention held in the Nottingham Conference Centre on November 20th.

A new horror convention in the Midlands, we are very excited to be a part of this and getting the chance to exhibit both our many and varied comic books but also our art as well.

Dark Pond Creations will be represented by the co-founder / writer Patrick Scattergood and the artist / writer Paul Kemble.

Why not join the event page to keep up to date with what we will be bringing with us to surprise you horror fans!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Kate Beaumont Joins the Dark Pond Creations Team

Dark Pond Creations are pleased to announce that we have a new and wonderfully talented indie comic book creator that has joined our team by the name of Kate Beaumont.

Perhaps best known for the darkly comic and interesting book Respectable, and it's prequel Rockabilly under the banner of Cosmic Mind Comics, Beaumont is joining the team as part of our expansion in to creating books for other genres.

Kate's work has an eye catching and subtle flow to it as well as having a string of humour running through the stories themselves.

Some of you will be seeing Kate's work in the British Showcase Anthology being put out by Markosia after teaming up with Dark Pond Creations Co-Founder Patrick Scattergood for a story called The Passage of Time, in which an elderly lady in a nursing home remembers her younger years.  The story itself was a big departure for Scattergood, perhaps best known for the horror series The Meek, but has helped to foster a working relationship that will help create a lot more stories in that style.

Please be wonderful Dark Ponders and welcome her to the team by giving Kate's page a like and Twitter a follow.



Dark Pond Creations Roster

Welcome to the Dark Pond Creations Roster Page.

This is where you will see the members of our varied team.

Patrick Scattergood
Writer / Artist

Carlos Moreno
Writer / Artist

Stephane Cote
Writer / Artist

Katy Anne
Writer / Artist

Paul Kemble
Artist / Cover Artist

Kate Beaumont
Writer / Artist

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New Prints in the Dark Pond Creations Shop

Hey guys, girls, animals and minerals.

Pat here from Dark Pond Creations with an update for you all.  We have put a bunch of new prints up in our Etsy store to take a look and follow the links below.

Edward Scissorhands - A4 Print
Drawn By Paul Andrew Kemble

Michael Myers - A4 Print
Drawn By Paul Andrew Kemble

Sank the Scablour - A4 Print
Drawn By Paul Andrew Kemble

Flesh Eater - A4 Print
Drawn By Paul Andrew Kemble

Haunted Scarecrow - A4 Print
Drawn By Paul Andrew Kemble

Hey, Spread Jam, Not Hatred - A4 Print
Drawn By Patrick Scattergood

Keep on visiting the blog for new updates on the shops as well as competitions, art samples and information on our various convention and art show appearances too.

You can follow us on the following links

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Dark Pond Creations Need You!

Hello All you beautiful, wonderful and incredibly talented people... 

As you all may know Dark Pond Creations is expanding and we are looking for a few candidates to join our creative team. 

We want someone to help us with our current and upcoming projects, but we are looking for more than just an artist or a writer. DPC is a collective not a company, we don't want someone working for us, we want someone working with us. 

We want someone that not only wants to work on our projects but wants us to help them with theirs. So drop us a line and remember nothing great is done alone.

If you are up to the challenge then by all means hit us up on the following links.

Patrick Scattergood (Co-Founder)

Carlos Moreno (Co-Founder)

Dark Pond Creations

Stephane Cote Brings Fantasmagoria to the Montreal Comic Con!

Hello Dark Ponders.

Yes you have seen correctly.  I'm updating the blog for the third time this month but this update is an absolute belter!

For you lovely American and Canadian Dark Pond Creations fans, we have a treat in store for you.  The amazingly talented Stephane Cote is invading the Montreal Comic Con and he is bringing the massively unique graphic novel Fantasmagoria with him!

Discover the world of Fantasmagoria! Meet the author and take a selfie with giant Jezebel. Graphic novel, prints and t-shirts available for purchase at exclusive prices during CC weekend only! 

With such a unique talent, it would be a mistake to miss out on such a fantastic chance to not only meet Cote himself but to see some more of his work too.

Fantasmagoria is also available in French!

See you there! 


Friday, 1 July 2016

The Passage of Time - Sneak Peek

Volume 2 Cover Art By Martin Simpson

Hi there Dark Ponders.

It's a lovely day and the sun is shining so I figured I would take a couple of minutes out from writing the next batch of stories for the Flesh Tones anthology series and the ongoing series The Meek, to show you one of the things that I have been working on.

I was recently given the chance to take a shot at creating something for the British Showcase Anthology and wanted to go a different route to the horror stories that both myself and Dark Pond Creations are known for.  That's when I started to think about how the older generation that lived through the world changing wars felt looking back on their lives.  Then it hit me.  Why not tell the story from a point of view of a lady that lived through the Second World War and is now living out the twilight of her years in a nursing home.  What would she be thinking of?  Who would she be thinking of?  What memories would come to her?

That's how the story of The Passage of Time came about but that brought with it a bit of a problem.  Who would illustrate it?

I've always been a fan of the style used by creators such as Rachael Smith and Drew Sumner when they do their titles, seriously go check them out, and I wanted to have a similar style for this story to give it a nice, subtle feel.  That's when I bumped in to the extremely talented Kate Beaumont at the two day Leicester Comic Con.  Sadly, I didn't get a chance to have a natter with her there but I looked her up when I got back and talked to her about her work.

She has a truly wonderful and gentle style to her art work and she came on board to draw The Passage of Time and really nailed the feel that I had wanted for the story itself.  

We've since submitted the short story to the anthology, fingers crossed, and hopefully we will hear back soon so we will definitely let you know the result there.  However, as with all good plans, if for any reason they decide to not go forward with including The Passage of Time then worry not Dark Ponders.

The idea is that if that happens, we will write some more stories about real life, or as close to it as us writers like to get, and release a one shot ourselves.  I mean, after all, we are both very proud of the story and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy it too, whatever form that takes.

Take care, be safe, be creative and be kind.

Dark Pond Pat

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Small Press Day Shenanigans

Hello there Dark Ponders,

It's been a while since we've updated the blog so I figured it was way past time to put pen to paper, so to speak.  Well, in this case, fingers to keyboard.

There's a little over a week to the 2016 Small Press Day being held at comic shops around the country and each and every one of them is stocked full of indie and small press talents making appearances and signings.  Well, I was incredibly honored to be asked to represent Dark Pond Creations at the event being held at the Leicester branch of Forbidden Planet.

I have to admit that I am massively nervous about this appearance, maybe even more so than the appearance I made at the Leicester Comic Con recently.  This is a shop where the employees know both myself and my son by name so I really want it to go as well as possible and, on a bit of a selfish point of view, I want a lot of people to see the stellar work that myself and the Dark Pond time have been putting out recently.

I'll be bringing with me issue one of The Meek, as well as issue two, and issue one of our anthology series called Flesh Tones.  Sadly, we won't be able to bring issue two of Flesh Tones due to some unforeseen circumstances but it's available from our online Sellfy store at the moment and we'll keep you all updated as to when it will be released in print form.

I'm hoping to also bring some of our stellar prints too from the various members of our art team such as Carlos Moreno and Paul Kemble, the latter of whom is making an appearance at the event as well.

We've set up an event over on our Facebook page so we'll keep that up to date as the event gets closer.

In other news, we have also set out up a stand alone twitter page for Dark Pond Creations that will be manned by the various members of the team so type in @DarkPondC in to your Twitter and give us a follow to see news and exclusive art previews too!

Be kind, be creative and be brave!

Dark Pond Pat

Monday, 6 June 2016

Flesh Tones: Issue Two is Now Out in Digital Form!

Hello Dark Ponders,

We are pleased to announce that the second issue of our award nominated anthology series has now been released in digital form with a print release soon to be announced.

In this installment of the anthology series, we have three wildly different types of stories.  All three are not only different in the style of story that they are but also in art style as well so let's take a look shall we?

Crimson Dusk
Written and illustrated by Katy Anne

A small town awakens to find it is Halloween night.  Decorations.  Costumes.  Trick and treaters are all out as far as the eye can see so a young girl going for a walk during the festivities should be normal, shouldn't it?  With the macabre, spooky feeling in the air only time will tell.

Always Follow Your Heart
Written By Patrick Scattergood
Illustrated By Stephane Cote

After the ending of a party held by a wealthy friend, a woman decides to walk home instead of using her driver.  A lovely night, a bustling city but with most things, the night can bring out the worst in people.  So when a mugger decides that she will be his next victim, little does he know that he has certainly bitten off more  than he can chew.
The Black Dog in the Night
Written By Patrick Scattergood
Illustrated By Luke Cooper

A personal and haunting story told from the point of view of a man that has lost it all.  No lover, no family, no friends and no hope.  Slowly he spirials in to a dark spin of depression and dark thoughts but will he make it through the night? 

As a team, Dark Pond Creations are incredibly proud of all three stories.  Crimson Dusk is a superb debut for Katy Anne, a newcomer to the comic book world.  We reached out to her after seeing a link to some of her art on Twitter.  The spooky and foreboding atmosphere of the story really shows a superb understanding of pacing and using art to create an impact for the read so, personally, I can't wait to work with her on another project.

Always Follow Your Heart is a darkly comic story that was illustrated by Stephane Cote, the author and illustrator of the superb Fantasmagoria.  I've always been a very big fan of his rather unique art style and for me, as the writer, felt that his art was absolutely perfect for the classic feel of the story.

Finally, The Black Dog in the Night, is a story that is intensely personal to me.  It tells the story of a very dark moment in my life when I felt that I had nothing to live for or felt like I was worthless to everyone around me.  When Luke Cooper, the creator of Hollow Girl, stepped forward to illustrate it, I couldn't have been happier.  His art is stunning and heart breaking in equal measure.

Well, I hope you like the previews of the comic that we are extremely proud of.  It's available in digital form from the following links.  It will be available in print form soon so keep your eyes peeled for future announcements.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Flesh Tones: Issue Two Preview

Hello Dark Ponders.

Fans of our award nominated anthology series Flesh Tones will be pleased to know that issue two is complete, both story and art wise, and is being put together by the Dark Pond team as we speak.

For issue two, we have amassed a rather impressive team of very impressive artists to illustrate the stories here so we thought that as we are so excited to get this comic out in to the world that we would throw you some previews.

This installment will have three stories and I can honestly say that each one is one of my favourite things that Dark Pond Creations have put out in our short time in the comic book world.

The first is a story that I have written called Always Follow Your Heart.  It's a darkly comedic story that has a nice sting in the tale for the protagonists.  For this one, I wanted the story to have a classic, almost art deco / classic fashion look.  That's when the perfect artist popped in to my head.  Stephane Cote, the creator of Fantasmagoria, stepped up and really gave the story a dark yet strangely beautiful look to it and really brought it to life in a way that was even better than I imagined.

The second is a first for Dark Pond in that it's a story that hasn't been drawn or written by any of the original members of the team.  I actually stumbled on the story when I saw a post on Twitter of all places and then reached out to contact the creator.  The story is called Crimson Dusk and has a real classic and spooky feel to it thanks to both the writing and art from a young debuting artist named Katy Anne.  I can't say too much about the story but it blew me away when I first saw it so I hope all of you dedicated fans will love it as much as I did.

On the annoying front, I'm going to keep the third story a second as it's a story that I am massively proud of and really want it to be one that shows the depth of our roster.

Hope you enjoy the previews and keep your eyes glued to the site for when the issue drops.

Join us over on our Facebook page

Dark Pond Creations Are Coming To the 2016 Leicester Comic Convention

An Article By
Patrick Scattergood

As a Leicester boy myself, I jumped at the chance to do the original 2015 Leicester Comic Convention.  For a one day event, it was a fun and very well run convention.  Of course there were a couple of things that I would have changed but it was a very successful hometown show for us.

With it returning this year, I knew that it would be a mistake to not make a return appearance.  However, for the 2016 convention, the whole show has been increased to two days.  With the one day show being such a success for us, this years appearance should be another success for us.

We're not only bringing The Meek: Issue One and Flesh Tones: Issue One with us.  Oh no.  We're bringing the newly printed The Meek: Issue Two with us as well as a lot of new prints.  One of which is going to be an exclusive, limited edition print drawn by the superbly talented Paul Andrew Kemble from Stencroad Comics, an artist who is also illustrating one of our stories for a future issue of Flesh Tones.

For the Saturday installment of the convention, our table will be manned by David Shotton and on Sunday, the table will be manned by my son Cyrus and myself.

The event promises to be an exciting one with some absolutely brilliant guest so we hope to see you all there!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Blog Entry 2 - 5 - 2016 - Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra Update

A Dark Pond Creations Blog Entry By
Patrick Scattergood

Hello Dark Ponders.  As it has been a couple of weeks since our last update, and we've been receiving a lot of questions about one of our newest titles, I figured it was time to unleash a bit of information about a title that the Dark Pond team are very proud of.

As you know, with the upcoming release of our Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra one shot, we're treading in to some different territory as a publisher.  You probably know us from our horror and psychological titles such as The Meek and Flesh Tones but this one will be taking us in a different direction entirely.

Before we get in to that however, let's throw some spotlight on just how the project has come together shall we?  As with all stories, it will started with an idea.  The actor, Bill Oberst Jr., emailed me with an idea about setting a story in a circus like atmosphere.  During a bit of back and forth, the seedlings of an idea formed and he was kind enough to let me run with it.
Instead of just putting out a stereotypical slasher / horror style story set in the world of a freak show / circus, we decided to tell the tragic story of one of the performers.  In this case, we chose Cassandra the Bearded Lady.  After her tragic demise at the hands of a preacher perverting the words of his God, the idea is that the ideas set forth clash with the religious ideas of the man running the circus, himself a man that believes in God but takes a completely different viewpoint.  That's when the need for revenge for the death of Cassandra rears up but he has to decide whether to give in to the urge for vengeance or to keep his belief.

Talking from a writing viewpoint, it was fantastic as a writer to brainstorm ideas with someone like Mr Oberst Jr., a hardworking actor that has a brilliant mind for the macabre.  I feel that really helped me to bring the story to life in a way that I might not have been able to have done before.

With the story written and given the OK from Mr Oberst Jr., some would think that is where the search for an artist would be part of this story but there really was no choice for me as to who would draw such a story.  My first, and only, choice was my cohort from The Meek, Carlos Moreno.  With some of the art he has been producing for that title, there really was nobody else that I would have wanted to work with on it.

Rounding out the team would be a letterer and to me, that is one of the most important parts of a comic book release.  A great book can be sunk by bad lettering choices in much the way as a mediocre one can be raised to a higher level by a talented letterer.  We were going to do the lettering ourselves, as I happen to think I've got a handle on that side of things, but we wanted something a little different.  A letterer that can give it a subtle yet creepy edge while staying true to the feel and atmosphere of the story.  That's why when we had the chance to bring the highly talented Robin Jones, from Madius Comics, on board that we jumped at the idea.  His stellar work really brings the story to life and makes the highly detailed art from Moreno really leap off of the page.

All in all, this is a project that we are all very proud of being a part of and are very excited to get out there in to the big bad comic book world so keep checking the blog and our Facebook page for updates on both Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra and our other titles that we will be releasing throughout 2016.

Thank you, stay safe, be always creative and let the Dark Pond flow!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Dark Pond Creations are now on Comichaus!

Hello Dark Ponders,

Pat here with some great news for those of you that want to grab our titles in print form but haven't managed to catch us at the conventions we have been doing.

As well as being available worldwide through our Dark Pond Creations Etsy Store, we are now also available from a relatively new site called Comichaus.

So far we have the first issues of both The Meek and of the anthology series Flesh Tones up there as well as the superbly unique graphic novel Fantasmagoria: Volume One by fellow Dark Pond Creations member Stephane Cote.

We're always looking for new ways to bring our titles to our fans, both old and new, so teaming up with Comichaus wasn't just a logical choice, it was a very good one.

You can find our titles on there using the following link.

Stay safe Dark Ponders.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Blog Entry 5-4-16 - Inside the Mind of Carlos Moreno

A Dark Pond Creations Blog Entry By
Carlos Moreno

Hello all, I'm Carlos Moreno (Carlito De'Maria), the Co-Founder of Dark Pond Creations. I'm the Co-creator and artist on The Meek series, the upcoming Strange World anthology series and artist of Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra, written by Patrick Scattergood.

When we started this venture I was a pin-up, concept and design artist looking to take the next step with not only with my art but also with my life. At the time I hated my job, I hated where I lived, I hated nearly every single thing, everything except my wife. The world would disappear when we were together, I would show her all these silly little doodles, tell her all these odd little stories and she love it and me for just being me. We fully support each other in everything, she saw how beaten I was at the time and encouraged me to take this step, to do what I love, to be me..... that's only a part of how amazing she is.

 After a year of BS, not rejections just plan BS, I met Patrick Scattergood. We connected instantly, still to this day it's like a geek version of fight club but without the hot guys and fighting and explosions. We started doing what were love, telling stories and after a bit Dark Pond Creation was born. Two old kids that dig the dark stuff and live across the pond from each other that live to tell stories.

Now I'm doing amazing work with amazingly talented people. Patrick and I are doing a few projects together. The Meek was a concept and story-line I brought to Pat, I had a four page sample and a story outline that was both gory and rough. Together we took this and shaped it into a series that's worth picking up....especially issue 3.... soon.... hint, hint.

Freak Show is Patrick's baby and is an incredible tale of murder with a great cast of characters and I have been working extra hard to make it fit his vision. I'm also working with the talented Jeff Strange on the upcoming Strange World anthology series, this series will focus more on the action/super hero genre of comics. This project began when Jeff Strange brought a group of characters to me to play around with which turned into us reinventing and creating some great story-lines. This series will feature a story I will be writing and drawing called Micheal, which is about a super hero tired of the super hero cliche, he's absolutely jaded but still one of the good guys. Also featured in this series is a story created by me, written by Jason Jimenez with art by Timothy St Ctr called "Within the Shadows". A story about a young lady who is more than what she seems, a lot more. The Strange World series will not only feature works by Jeff and Myself but it will also showcase other talent and creative teams such as Matthew Gilliam, creator of The Jersey Wind, an absolutely insane story about a super hero many people won't want to be saved by. There is so much more but a lady never gives it all away on the first date.

This is the beginning of an amazing ride just remember nothing great is done alone. I would like to thank everyone.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Stephane Cote Joins the Dark Pond Creations Team

Dark Pond Creations are proud to announce that we have a new artist joining our team.

You may have noticed at recent conventions, there has been a rather unique graphic novel entitled Fantasmagoria on our tables alongside the Dark Pond Creations comics and prints.  This graphic novel was written and drawn by the superbly talented Canadian artist named Stephane Cote.

Well, we're incredibly pleased to announce that Cote will be bringing his very eye catching style to some of the future Dark Pond Creations releases.

His first appearance will be in the second issue of our anthology comic book series called Flesh Tones with the story Always Follow Your Heart, which is a short horror story written by Patrick Scattergood and has a very darkly comedic slant running through it as well.  Both Scattergood and fellow co-founder Carlos Moreno felt that Cote's art would be absolutely perfect for this tale.

As well as being involved in the anthology series, Stephane Cote has kindly taken on the art duties for the detective mini-series Morbid Detection.  Written by Scattergood, this mini-series takes a look at the stereotypical detective genre but in a different way.  After arriving too late to save someone close to him, the main character retreats in to alcoholism and eventually in to insanity.  With the growing insanity enveloping him, he begins to see each person he meets in increasingly demonic views.

Our hope with the mini series is to not only create an exciting and twist filled story but also to take a look at grief and mental illness in a way that will do such an important subject justice.

Keep your eyes peeled here on the blog for news of the release and also take a look on our Facebook page for art samples and competitions.

Fantasmagoria is not only available from the Dark Pond Creations Art and Print link below but also available from Cote's shop as well.

Always be creative Dark Ponders!